Organized online for the first time due to Covid-19 measures, the International Istanbul Vegfest ended last night with the screening of Earthlings documentary with Turkish subtitles. 

We have carried out VegFest with live broadcasts from the video conference application Zoom, which is a slightly new tool for many of us, with great excitement, haste, patience and hope for all our partner organizations who contributed to the organization. The preparation and implementation process enabled us to once again understand what we can do with the power of solidarity, and to see how we can convey the vegan philosophy to a wider audience with all its aspects.

We hope that Vegfest 2020 has been a meaningful and inspiring experience for you as much as it was for us. We appreciate your support and kindly apologise for the technical problems we encountered throughout the festival and some cancellations caused by external reasons. We will continue to work to do better next time by evaluating your comments, which you can additionally send us through the survey link on our website.

We would like to thank to our organization team that brought this festival to life with an intensive effort in 1.5 months, including also our partner organizations, translation / graphic / video / web teams, and to all of our local and foreign speakers, panelists, musicians, and of course, to our viewers for being with us with their interactions in different platforms for these two days. 

See you at the International Istanbul Vegfest 2021! #GiveLifeAChance 

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