Tuğçe Berber

After graduating from the Law Faculty of Dokuz Eylül University, I started to practice law in the Lotus Law Firm, which I co-founded. With the understanding that justice is not solely for humans, I started struggling for animal rights during college and wrote a thesis paper titled, “Animal Rights in the Turkish Law System and the Effect of the International Law on the Animal Rights Legislation”. After completing my thesis, I continued my efforts from a rights-based approach and focused on legislative work since then. Along with the struggle for a vegan and sustainable life, I also carry out activities in both professional and social spheres for the equality of species. As a member of Justice for the Animals Association, Buğday Association for Supporting Ecological Living and Izmir Bar Association Animal Rights Commision, I support various social projects and write in Ent Magazine about ecology and animal rights to make these struggles more visible. I am interested in yoga and music to color up the dark world of justice struggle.

Atty. Tuğçe Berber
Animal Rights Activist / Member of Izmir Bar Association Animal Rights Commision