Tuba Büdüş

Tuba was born in 1985. She discovered her interest in writing and movies during primary school. After a while, writing and cinema became a passion for her. When she started teaching in 2005, she noticed that something was lacking. Eventually, in 2014, she started writing about movies and her articles were published in both print and online media, as well as magazines such as Pera Sinema, Arka Pencere Mecmua, Sinema Se7en and more. After becoming vegan, she started seeing movie critique from a different perspective. She has been working as a teacher and a movie critic for many years.

Tuba finds joy in life with new discoveries in the world of cinema each day. She is teaching, watching, writing, reading and travelling the world. Currently she writes for Vegan Gazete (Vegan Newspaper), Fil’m Hafızası and Beyazperde.

Movie Critic / Elementary School Teacher