Öykü Yağcı

Born in Ankara in 1980, Öykü Yağcı graduated from English Language and Literature Department in Istanbul University and completed her MSc degree at London School of Economics Social Antropology Department. She worked respectively as an intern, news assistant/reporter, documentary producer, translator and public communications and media manager in UNHCR, 5n1k, IZ TV, Marjinal Porter Novelli and Doctors Without Borders. She now works as a freelance translator and documentary producer at 81 Production and leads Freedom for Dolphins Platform for the freedom of all captive animals. Öykü also actively supports Animal Rights Watch Committee (HAKIM) and acts in solidarity with different animal rights organizations voluntarily to fight against animal exploitation in all industries. She lives in a world surrounded by cats, dogs, birds, and plants with her significant other. She is a vegan and an animal liberation activist.

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