Gülan Eşsiz

Gülan Eşsiz is a 22-year-old ethical vegan living in Istanbul. Apart from studying architectural education, she is a licensed dancer. She started her activism by being active in various vegan communities and taking part in the founding of the Vegan Club at her university.

Now, as one of the founders of Rotco, together with her business partner Aslı Eşsiz, she has made it a life journey to contribute to life, to be pro- life, and to steer the wheel of the system in line with the wishes of nature. They founded Rotco to offer a way to turn consumption into production on a planet where consumption has been made imperative to produce. Rotco means 'The Transformation of the Rotten' and they aim to offer a strong, local and extraordinary alternative to animal-sourced leather in many areas, as the materials that are set aside to rot are transformed into 'plant-based leather'.

Rotco Co-Founder