Ebru Arıman

In 2006, Ebru Arıman set up a website in order to form a vegan-vegetarian platform that would further construct the base of the Vegan Association Turkey as an aid to the sensed lack of resources of information and interaction between groups. The same year she joined the international network of EU member associations and organizations representing Turkey and worked cooperatively for information flow and collaboration between member countries. She launched formal accession of Turkey into the International Vegetarian Union (IVU) and European Vegetarian Union (EVU). Due to the platform's growth and the increasing need for various sources, in 2012 she founded Vegan Association Turkey with a group of volunteers. In 2012, she set in motion Veg & Nature Magazine which is the first periodical on animal rights and liberation, working as its publisher and editor. In 2014, she took an active role for V-label to start their operations in Turkey and later worked along with them as a representative. Currently, she continues her work as Chairwoman of Vegan Association Turkey and Director of Turkey for V-Label International.

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