Can Demir

I'm working as a vegan activist in İzmir Vegan Initiative and İzmir Animal Save Movement and in Climate Save Movement in Vegan Stand İzmir. I also write articles on Izmir is Going Vegan (İzmir Vegan Oluyor) and Vegan Media (Vegan Medya) sites. If the pandemic had never happened this year would have been held the 3rd Turkey Vegan Life Camp, for which I worked voluntarily with the committee responsible for coordination of camp and IT team. At the same time, I have been working full-time for four years as the operation manager of a local company that imports vegan products. Last year, I also participated as a speaker in a panel called Veganism History and Philosophy in Didim VegFest. We had a speech and a forum event with four other friends from Izmir Vegan Initiative on the main stage.

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