Assoc. Prof. Ayten Alkan

She was born in Eskişehir in 1972. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Science in Ankara in 1994. She completed her doctorate in 2003. She worked at Ankara University, Faculty of Political Science between 1995-2008, at Istanbul University Faculty of Political Sciences from 2008 to 2016, and at two different Advanced Research Institutes in the USA and Germany between 2017-2019. She gave lectures at undergraduate and graduate levels and authored many national and international academic publications. Her research interests include urban sociology and theory, local governments and local politics, women and gender studies, critical animal studies, and animals in urban life. She published a storybook titled “Lâmekân” and translated various books. She settled in Izmir in mid-2019. Although she applied to start working at the university again, this request was rejected because she was a Peace Petition signatory. She is a member of Izmir Solidarity Academy. She is also a yoga instructor. She lives together with a number of cats, and takes care of other cats in the neighbourhood as much as possible. She is the coordinator of the Izmir Centre for the Right to the City.