Atty. Tuğba Gürsoy

Tuğba GÜRSOY, born in Ankara in 1983, completed her primary, secondary, and high school education in Ankara. After graduating from Kırıkkale University Faculty of Law in 2007, she completed her internship training in the Ankara Bar Association. She has also been a member of Ankara Bar Association since 2008. She is still a student of Anadolu University Laboratory and Veterinary Health Associate Degree Program.

She was appointed as one of the vice presidents in 2021 at the Ankara Bar Association Animal Rights Center, which she joined in 2018. In addition to activities such as following investigations and lawsuits regarding animal rights violations, visiting municipal nursing homes and reporting tenders, initiating judicial and administrative proceedings when necessary; she negotiates with various institutions and organizations on issues such as providing animal welfare, solution proposals and cooperation. Also, she provides legal support to volunteers, non-governmental organizations and animal rights defenders on animal rights violations.

In 2019, she was invited to one of the meetings held by the Turkish Grand National Assembly Research Commission, which was established to determine the measures to be taken to protect the rights of animals and to prevent cruelty and ill-treatment to animals.

To date, she has taken part as an instructor in the studies carried out by many university societies, non-governmental organizations and various social societies; explained the legislation on animals in our country and in the World. She also participated in workshops with law faculty students on the inadequacy of legal regulations in our country in the face of concrete events and solution proposals.

She made written and oral statements on the interpretation of the Animal Protection Law and the work of the law in the face of violations of rights regarding animals in television channels, radio programs and many newspapers.

Besides, she has been working as a guide lawyer at Ankara Bar Association Gelincik Center since 2016, which was established to provide legal support for the prevention of violence against women. In this regard, she is active in the pursuit of social cases. 

In addition to being a lawyer, Gürsoy, who is a bass guitarist, continues her professional music life with the concerts she gives with various bands.

Ankara Bar Association Animal Rights Center Vice President