Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Is the festival open to everyone?

Yes, everyone who wants to understand veganism and contribute to the animal rights struggle is welcome to Istanbul Vegfest

Is there an attendance fee?

No, you can attend the International Istanbul Vegfest for free.

How can I attend the festival?

You can attend the festival from the Zoom link we will share on our website and social media profiles. We suggest downloading the free-of-charge Zoom Meeting application on your computer or mobile device beforehand.

What is a Zoom Meeting?

Zoom Meeting is an application where you can have online meetings and webinars. You can download it for free here:

What is a Zoom Webinar application?

Zoom Webinar is an online seminar platform.

Do I have to have a Zoom account?

No, you can log in by using your name, surname and email. Although in order to avoid possible mishaps, we suggest you create an account in advance.

Does the application have a Turkish menu?

No, the Zoom Meeting application does not have a Turkish language option. However, you can take a look at our guidelines below, which may help you choose the relevant language as a listener and help you with addressing your questions to our guests during the festival.

Do we need to pre-register for the festival?

No, you can attend any panel you are interested in by clicking on the relevant links we share for Saturday and Sunday separately on our website and social media profiles. Please note that you will not see anything on these links at times out of the festival schedule.

But if you would like to receive reminder emails before the festival and updates about the upcoming events of the festival partners, you can fill the form here: Your email address will only be used to send reminders about Istanbul Vegfest and notify you about the future similar events of the festival partners during the year.   

How will I log in to the festival via Zoom?

Right after you download the application to your mobile device or computer, you should click “Join” and you will be asked for a Meeting ID on the screen. You can use the Meeting IDs below for different entries on Saturday and Sunday.

July 3, Saturday For all sessions: 86024700013

July 4, Sunday For all sessions: 88382779974 

Copy the ID and paste it to the Meeting ID section on the screen. You can also optionally write down your name to the section below the ID box.

When you proceed to the “Join” button, you will be added to the meeting with your camera and microphone off.

You can also use the links here at the time of the event after you download the application. July 3, Saturday For all sessions: should be used July 4, Sunday For all sessions: this link should be used.

Is there an attendance limit?

Maximum attendance limit for each session will be 1000 people.

Are there any breaks between meetings?

If the schedule proceeds as planned, there will be a 10-minute break between each session. We are planning to screen short videos, share links for lucky "vegan" bag draws, brief surveys via Google Forms and Mentimeter. We hope the festival program will proceed according to the initial schedule as much as possible. But we can skip the video screenings and go on with the next session in case of session overlap due to technical reasons. Therefore, we kindly ask you to check often whether the session you are waiting for has started or not.  


Can someone turn on my camera and microphone without my permission? Can I turn them on anytime I want?

No, in order to prevent complications your camera and microphone will be set off automatically by Zoom as you join the meeting and will not be turned on during the meeting. The speakers and participants will not see or hear you; they will only read your messages on the Chat screen and Q&A section. Cameras and microphones of all viewers will be off during the meeting. 

Can I contact the speakers directly and ask questions?

You will not be able to directly talk with the speakers by using your camera and microphone but during the sessions, you can send your questions to the Q&A (questions and answers) section on the Zoom screen below. Your questions will be forwarded to speakers by the meeting moderators and the speakers will be able to see your questions as well in the Q&A and answer them accordingly. Since the Chat screen is often used for viewers’ interactions, questions you would write on the Chat box may not be seen during the height of the sessions.

All sessions -except 3 pre-recorded ones- will have the Q&A section where the last 10-15 minutes of the meeting will be held for questions. We will do our best to get the answers for all of your questions but we kindly ask for your understanding in advance, if your questions cannot be answered due to the time limit. Depending on the speakers’ availability, they can continue answering your questions in written form in the background after their session is over.

How can we follow up with the announcements and briefings during the event?

You can follow the Chat box on the screen and also use this window to interact with the participants freely. If there are racist, sexist and speciesist comments that contain insults or threats in the chat section, we will try to prevent these comments and users as much as possible.

Will the sessions in English be translated into Turkish?

Yes, all sessions will be translated simultaneously from Turkish to English and English to Turkish by professional translators.

How can I turn on the English translation option in sessions where they speak Turkish?

All sessions will be translated simultaneously by professional translators from Turkish to English and English to Turkish. You can select the language you want to hear accordingly.

When you connect to the festival, click on the “Interpretation” button at the bottom of the screen.

    • Choose the “English” option to listen to the session in English.
    • Choose the “Off” option to listen to the session in its native language.

In order for the speakers’ voice to not interfere with the translator’s voice, you must click on the “Mute Original Audio” option.

P.S. Please note that the Turkish audience will need to choose "Chinese" language to hear the translation, as the Zoom app does not have the "Turkish" option.

I can’t see all the speakers at the same time. How can I fix it?

Our technical Zoom team will set the best possible appearance according to the session. Viewers will not be able to change it. But the appearance will be changed into a gallery view where you can see multiple speakers at the same time during workshops or panels, and a speaker view for one-speaker sessions. 


Will the sessions be recorded for those who cannot attend the festival?

Yes, we will share all the sessions on YouTube after the festival. Since we will not be able to record the simultaneous translations, we will need some time to prepare and add the subtitles.

How can I send my comments and suggestions to you about the festival?

We will share evaluation forms during the festival right after each session. You can also send your feedback anonymously to our festival partners from the Survey menu on our website. For more detailed messages, you can always send an e-mail to e-mail address.

How can I see those who contribute and support the festival?

You can see the individuals and organizations who have supported and contributed in different fields and stages during the preparation of our festival on our main page, and the Thanks section on the homepage of our website at the end of the festival.


How did you decide on the partners, topics, guests and festival program?

On the festival and Vegan Association of Turkey's (TVD) website and social media accounts, we made an open call to all vegans and vegan activist groups/organizations in Turkey who want to work together as organization partners. We came together with the individuals and groups who contacted us and held regular meetings every week to evaluate the partners, topics, sessions and guest suggestions together. After deciding on the program, we moved on to the organization stage.

The factors that affect our decision making process are: diversifying the content and session format as much as possible, including new or lesser-known voices and names who have not had the opportunity to be represented before, and to preserve the inclusive and international character of the festival. We have added the topics and guest suggestions that have not been included in this year’s program to our festival list to possibly include them in the next year's festival or other events. If you have suggestions for the next year, you can send them from the Survey menu on our website.

How can I watch previous Vegfest videos?

You can find all International Istanbul Vegfest 2020 videos on this playlist at TVD’s Youtube Channel. 2021 Festival videos will be shared right after the festival on the Istanbul Vegfest Youtube account "Uluslararası İstanbul VegFest". 

How can I follow you?

You search for this account @vegfestist on social media platforms.

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