Vegfest is one the many events that are organized globally under different names in order to create awareness about veganism.

The festival in Turkey was first organized in 2017 by the Vegan Association of Turkey (TVD) with the partnership of Didim Municipality which hosted the event in Didim. Next year the festival stopped its collaboration with the municipality due to ethical reasons and was moved to Istanbul while changing its name into International Istanbul Vegfest.

Aiming to reach vegans and non-vegans with its "invitation to veganism" concept and #GiveLifeAChance slogan, the festival sets out to create social awareness on veganism as a whole with regards to animal rights and ethics, environment, health and sustainability.

With the objective of delivering a variety of themes to its visitors and bringing vegans together in a common ground, the festival hosts national and international guests in workshops, exhibitions and film/documentary screenings that reveal our relationship with the animals, as well as interactive applications, food tasting, product testing, book promotions, concerts and panels on diverse topics.

Since the day of its inception, the festival has attracted a lot of attention and interest by vegans and non-vegans, as well as those who are curious about the vegan way of life and eager to learn more about it. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic precautions, the festival was hosted online for free via the Zoom Webinar video conferencing tool for the last two years, in 2020 and 2021.

In these two years, we have organized a total of 42 hours of online #vegfestist with 45 sessions in different formats including speeches, panels, workshops, musical performances, and documentary screenings with 107 speakers, 18 organization partners and 55 volunteers, including vegan activists, medical doctors, musicians, lawyers, academics and athletes from Turkey and around the world. You can watch the videos of all the speakers at the festival on TVD’s YouTube (2020) and Vegfestist’s YouTube (2021) accounts.

See you at Turkey's international vegan festival, which we will be held face-to-face and free of charge, at Festival Park Kadıköy on October 1-2 this year!

Our festival is open to vegans and anyone who is curious about and wants to learn more on vegan philosophy. 🌱🐝