As of 8 March 2021 International Women's Day, we take part in the animal rights movement with an integrated perspective. From the point we started as vegan, we continue as the voice of animals. We know that non-human animal beings cannot defend their rights, organize, or express their rights like human beings. As vegans we say, "Defending animal rights is veganism." We will fight to overthrow and expose the speciesist, male-dominated, heterosexist system of exploitation. The mentality that sees non-human animals as machinery, goods or means of production, is the same mentality that sees men superior to women, sees white over black and rich over poor, or tries to fade all the colors of the rainbow. Standing against this mentality, we place speciesism on the same political ground with all discrimination such as sexism, racism, LGBTQ+ phobia, and look at all rights-based justice pursuits from an intersectional window. We will take our place in vegan parades by not departing from other rights and pursuits, but by adding the voices of non-human animals to their voices. No exploitation, no type of violence can be considered separately. We dream of a classless, unlimited, equal, free, queer vegan world!