Justice for Animals Association (HAD) is a civil society organization established by lawyers to defend animal rights both through legal and social struggle. In addition to the execution of judicial and administrative processes related to notifications received from all over Turkey, its objective is to create and convert public awareness for animal rights with activities aimed at both children and adults.

It has pioneered the establishment of Animal Rights Congresses of Turkish Bar Associations in many provinces across Turkey so that lawyers are organized throughout the country. To ensure that every individual in the community is as knowledgeable as at least one lawyer in the fight for animal rights, it conducts training programs for adults in universities, private companies, and various platforms. For the last three years, in cooperation with the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education, it has been carrying out educational activities in all schools from kindergarten to high school level in Istanbul. HAD is also actively involved in the activism/advocacy work in relation to the law amendment process carried out in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey to enact laws that will safeguard the rights of animals.